Google’s Project Soli: Radar-based wearable device for gesture recognition

One of the sessions at the Google I/O conference held in San Francisco this Friday caught almost everyone’s attention. The company’s division for skunkworks was challenged to create some latest wearable gadgets. Project Soli is something completely new and unseen before. It is a piece of new technology, a wearable, but not the kind you might believe it to be. It is not a smart shirt, a watch or any of the sort; it is you.

Yes, you read it right. It is you. So what is the catch? Well, the Mountain View-based Company knows that your hand is by far the
best option for interaction with devices, but then again not everything is a device. Project Soli has one goal, and that’s to make your fingers and hands the sole user interface you will ever need.

Google’s Project Soli Device

The website Evasi0nJailbreakios will show you information for Project Soli, in fact, is a radar, but small enough to be fitted into a piece of wearable gadget such as a smartwatch. This tiny radar will pick up on whatever movements you make and all that in real time. Those same movements you make the radar uses to alter its signal.

While resting, the hand still makes a movement, but just a slight, and in the end that same slight movement becomes a baseline response on the radar itself. If a user moves its hand away from or side – to – side in relations to Soli, the altitude, and the signal will change. If you cross your fingers or make a fist, that signal will also change.
Google’s Project Soli
The Project Soli is still at its early days, but the crowd is very excited about the whole thing. The tiny radar could be the coolest thing so far because it makes your hands totally free.

With utilizing this project, the Mountain View-based company is not adding a futuristic twist to the whole matter. Soli utilizes a radar to see all the small gestures a user might make with his fingers and hands in general. Then the radar turns those gestures into signals a PC understands.

That’s how a flick of a finger could very well become a screen swipe. Technology that includes a radar is not that new at all. A Norwegian company called Elliptic Labs has been using this technology in the manufacturing process of smartphones. If you ever went read through some mobile tech news, you probably now that they enable people to control their phones with just a flick of the wrist from across the area. Also, researchers from Washington University have used disruptions in Wi-Fi signals as a mean of building a gesture-based interface for the house.

That is a very good news for people who had enough of looking at screens or for those who are frustrated with performing some complex assignments. However, it is a bad news for those who love to wipe off their hands on their pants.

In a period of 10 months, the Project Soli went to a few changes size wise. From a size of a pizza box, its size dropped to a size of an SD card. Information regarding Soli will be released to developers sometime later this year.


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