3 Free Android Apps for Personalizing your Smartphone

Free Android Apps

Android is an extremely flexible operating system, which is one of the major reasons why it has become so popular among smartphone and tablet users, as well as among mobile app developers. There are over a million apps for Android, which is why it is vital for those who are interested in app development to use effective marketing techniques that will help their app gain recognition and downloads.

Mobile and social ad networks, like Appnext, can provide application developers with the right assistance that will help them to make a profit from their app. Whether it’s Appnext Windows Phone apps development services that are required, or those that are for Android or iOS developers, there are different advertising solutions and targeting technologies that may prove very useful.

That being said, in regard to Android’s flexibility, one of the features about this operating system that makes it so popular is that it’s easy for users to personalize their phones. For instance, the following are 3 free apps that allow Android users to easily and effectively personalize their smartphone.

- ADW.Launcher – This app gives the user various controls over many aspects of their home screen. They can choose from various themes for their home screen and app icons, hide the status bar, change the color of the app drawer, and so on.

- Handcent SMS – Replace your standard messaging app with a system that is more flexible and lets you use different skins to alter the appearance of your text messages.

- Little Photo – Simplify your phone’s camera with an easy-to-use interface. You will still have lots of options to alter your image once it’s been taken, but snapping a photo is quick and easy.

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