How to Change the battery of your iPhone 5 - [iFixit Method]

Change iPhone 5 Battery

Always iFixit are specialists in the network with regard to the repair of electronic devices, we also show that the accurate production processes teardown where the devices are removed and literally torn to pieces thus showing us the finer details of the hardware products and their characteristics repairability.

For the beginning of July the guys at iFixit have wanted to spread the network of video guides to perform the disassembly and replacement of components of your iPhone. In the article we will find a video guide to change ila battery in your iPhone 5, change the display of the iPhone 5, and finally to change the home button always on iPhone 5.

To be able to follow the video guides to iFixit for the iPhone 5 you will need to have a Pentalobe screwdriver for the screws Apple's proprietary tamper-proof, as well as a Phillips # 01, a suction cup, and small tool to pry the display from its seat. iFixit reminds us that his Pro Kit contains everything you need to make that video guides.

We see below how to change the battery of your iPhone 5

Here you can find instead the procedure for changing the home button of your iPhone 5

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