iPhone 6 Concept with new iOS 7

iPhone 6 with iOS 7

With the presentation of the new iOS 7 hours know what will be the operating system that will be installed on the next generation smartphone of the Californian. Now the new concept will this new iOS 7 installed, and the removal we see it today, and it comes from the usual graphic design studio ADR who in the past has delighted us with drawings of possible new Apple products.

Today we see the iPhone 6, the device which should reach the market by the upcoming 2014 and should represent yet another step forward in terms of design and performance compared to devices marketed so far.

iPhone 6 and iOS 7

The device is very nice to see, with tapered frames that allow the introduction of an even larger display of 4.3 inches , even higher than the current iPhone 5, but the most interesting feature is the disappearance of the classic home button that For many years the device distinguishes Apple which is now being replaced by a touchpad that allows to have an area dedicated to the gesture. In addition to this we have a 18 megapixel rear camera dual LED flash, a fingerprint sensor, and a processor called A7 most likely with quad-core technology.

This is the new iPhone 6

Definitely a great product, both from the aesthetic point of view and from that of the hardware, what do you think? Leave us your comments about it, in the meantime we leave you with more pictures of this interesting concept of the iPhone 6 .

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