New concept integrated with the Apple Maps - [Apple iWatch]

iWatch Concept

We have reported several times that the field of wearable technology devices should have a business that could generate earnings to $ 6 billion in just three years. Led by Google Glass, the category will also include the smartwatch , on which most of the major manufacturers are working on.

Apple, Google, Samsung, LG and Microsoft, these large manufacturers have all more or less announced that they are building a SmartWatch, or seem to want to do it. Here we'll see what Apple will do with what should be called iWatch , Today we will see a new concept that shows the integration Apple as regards the maps.

This work was performed by the designer Martin Hajek, who as ever exhibition of the work of design very interesting regarding future Apple devices, in this Cawo focusing sull'iWatch. The concept shows a smartwatch realized with curved glass the front part that goes to resume the conformation of the iPhone shrunken for measurements of this watch technology.

Apple iWatch

The strap is made ​​of leather here, but we believe that any end device could ensure of different types of brands, from the most modern as well as classic style from traditional clock. On the front of the casing of the device we can see the curved surface touch display, and a big physical side button in the part below the socket for connecting and charging the same iWatch . A very interesting work that shows a deep integration with the Apple maps, showing directions, or details of the maps available without having to look at your iPhone.

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