How to Unlock iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s Telus Canada via imei

Unlock iPhone 5 Telus

Dear readers in the world have to many Carriers company how in North America; Canada. Rogers and Fido, and Telus is same of this popular carrier wich sell locked iPhones . We now in this post will talk how to unlock Telus iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s for all carrier in the world permanent. Telus is very specific network, and not is expensive for unlocking how Rogers and Fido.

How to Unlock Telus iPhone via Software

Many hackers in the world have create some softwares for Unlocking iPhone. This softwares in this monent is not available how SAM method. This method is created by developer Loktar_Sun, this is Chinese programer. Ultrasn0w baseband Unlock is good solutions but not work for all baseband on your device, work only for old baseband, this is created by MuscleNerd hacker. How this service is blocked, for iPhone 5 and for iPhone 4S not working.

For now dear reader no software solutions for Unlocking iPhone, if some like to sell you   this software it is scam.

How to Unlock your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S via Hardware solutions

Hardware solutions is available in this moment, but this is not for all ios support. This method how Gevey or R-sim  chip card for now is work only for iOS 6.1.2, if your iPhone 5 is updated on iOS 6.1.4 not is possible to work. This solutions is good, but is not a permanent for your device. For me the best solutions is Factory Unlock method, we now bellow will explain how it works.

Unlock Telus

Factory Unlock your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s Telus Canada

Factory Unlock iPhone method is the best in the monent on world. This solutions to unlock Telus carrier is permanent, and is via imei service. Only is need to know your imei code, this is 15 digital number. If not know your carrier network, go on this link iPhone check carrier to find. Now go on this link to Unlock Telus iPhone , IMEIUnlockPro service in this moment is the best Unlock solutions in the world, and is not expensive. If have some questions is possible to contact directly IMEIUnlockPro Dev Team on the link.

Please write in comment bellow your positive or negative experiences.

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