How to restore the iPhone without losing the jailbreak - [Semi Restore]

Restore the iPhone

We talked in recent days in several occasions of Semi-Restore , a tweak past n muted and that was distributed in its beta phase. It is an outstanding product, as it is the first to enable a sort of semi restore their device maintaining the same firmware on the device and thus maintaining unchanged the possibility to perform the jailbreak .

So far no one had been able to do this, but despite initial skepticism, Seeds and Restore works, also speaks of a first beta version. Let's see the steps to follow to use this program.

As you well know the latest firmware iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5, have eliminated the possibility of jailbreak tool with the evasi0n, so anyone who is having problems with a device and must perform a recovery, if it has a last generation devices can no longer re-run the jailbreak as forced to install these latest firmware. Premise, before you see the guide which seeds Restore will be released in a few weeks, when it was distributed only to show a preview to the various sites that this procedure really works. We see the seeds as to guide the restoration Restore:

How Semi Restore is work on your pc

  • discharged, when it will be made available, the program Semi Restore on your PC by placing it in the download folder;
  • installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch OpenSSH packages and APT 0.7 Strict;
  • open a terminal and type "cd Downloads" and press enter at the end of each of the command input,
  • Now enter the following command line  scp :/ SemiRestore-beta5 root@ var/root/SemiRestore-beta5 and sending preete  as attieen this last string, once Seeds Restore will be publicly released you will have to replace "SemiRestore-beta5" with the name of the final version of the package SemiRestore and change the IP address (  with that of your device, make sure that both the PC and the device must be connected to the same WiFi network;
  • connect through SSH to your device by entering the command  ssh root@;
  • head into the path / var / root directory, you should now see the file SemiRestore. To check, type the command ls in the shell;
  • Now type the command  chmod + x SemiRestore-beta5 and  ./SemiRestore-beta5;
  • a series of commands will now appear on the screen, at the end you will be asked to confirm the connection to your device via SSH by typing "0" (zero) followed by a press of the Enter key.

The process is slower to run, then once Seeds Restore will be available you will have to have patience and do not use the device during the procedure. The device will reboot several times but in the end you will come to the classic screen after reset. This procedure will eliminate the data on your device, so you will have to make a backup before starting the procedure, but Seeds Restore unlike the normal reset does not erase the jailbreak and maintains the same version of the operating system previously present on the device.

This is official site on Semi Restore

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