How to Restore iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S via Semi Restore - [Video Guide]

Semi Restore iPhone 5

We saw a few days ago a new project that has received a lot of curiosity and that is called Semi-Restore , and that, according to what was stated by the developers, allows you to restore the firmware on the device avoiding to make us lose the jailbreak. Of course, the theme is very interesting and we are trying to figure out if this system really works, partly because at the time the program is still under development and therefore can not be tested.

We try to understand something more about the Semi-Restore and collect the first testimonies of those who have tested this new method.

Recall that the greatest utility of this program Semi-Restore, in the case of real operation, would be to ensure that those who have jailbroken devices installed with firmware up to version 6.1.2 of being able to perform a recovery particular that allows to get back on the device still this version of firmware. This allows, depending on the device owned, not having to restore from iTunes, in case of problems, and then having to install firmware iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.4 or even if you own an iPhone 5, which are available on which to time is not executable the jailbreak for the latest generation devices and can not be an untethered jailbreak for those older.

What was promised is definitely interesting and important news, but of course you have to wait for the final distribution of the software in order to understand the real use. Some users who have tried Semi-Restore have found the operation of this program, and appears to be the best solution for restoring a legitimate and will help you regain the feeling of a fresh install of iOS. Prease see a video bellow:

Restore your iPhone via Semi Restore - Video

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