Restore the iPhone without losing the Jailbreak - Semi Restore

Semi Restore

One of the problems of the holders of devices with jailbreak is to not be able to restore their device when they are having particular problems in normal use everyday. Especially in situations like today where the new firmware 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 does not allow to be able to perform the jailbreak, recovery means having to say goodbye to unlock on their

How to Restore iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S via Semi Restore - [Video Guide]

Semi Restore iPhone 5

We saw a few days ago a new project that has received a lot of curiosity and that is called Semi-Restore , and that, according to what was stated by the developers, allows you to restore the firmware on the device avoiding to make us lose the jailbreak. Of course, the theme is very interesting and we are trying to figure out if this system really works,

How to restore the iPhone without losing the jailbreak - [Semi Restore]

Restore the iPhone

We talked in recent days in several occasions of Semi-Restore , a tweak past n muted and that was distributed in its beta phase. It is an outstanding product, as it is the first to enable a sort of semi restore their device maintaining the same firmware on the device and thus maintaining unchanged the possibility to perform the jailbreak .

New concept integrated with the Apple Maps - [Apple iWatch]

iWatch Concept

We have reported several times that the field of wearable technology devices should have a business that could generate earnings to $ 6 billion in just three years. Led by Google Glass, the category will also include the smartwatch , on which most of the major manufacturers are working on.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s Telus Canada via imei

Unlock iPhone 5 Telus

Dear readers in the world have to many Carriers company how in North America; Canada. Rogers and Fido, and Telus is same of this popular carrier wich sell locked iPhones . We now in this post will talk how to unlock Telus iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s for all carrier in the world permanent. Telus is very specific network, and not is expensive for unlocking how Rogers and Fido.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T on all Networks

Unlock iPhone 5 at&t

Many of people in the world buy iPhone 5 locked on at&t and then this iPhone 5 to be Unlocked for all carrier for very small price. Factory Unlock method is the best for now to make your iPhone 5 Unlocked on all Network in the world. We in this post will explain all steps how to Unlock iPhone 5 at&t permanent. The procedure is