How to Unlock iPhone 4S Movistar Spain on all Networks

Unlock iPhone 4S Movistar Spain

Are you one of those guys searching for the easiest and cheapest way to unlock your iPhone 4s Movistar Spain? Well don’t worry because you are in the right spot. After much research we discovered a low-cost way to unlock iPhone 4. With this method you will be able to factory unlock iPhone 4s Movistar Spain or some other smartphones that are using iOS and are locked to some of the mobile carriers such as  AT&T, SFR, Orange etc.

What kind of tool is this?

This is very effective tool called iPhone IMEI. It is t is it cheap, safe and authorized and it is used by thousands of people around the globe. Bellow I will give you instructions in my brief tutorial on how to unlock your iPhone 4s Movistar Spain. It contains a specific explanation about the IMEI unlock tool and how to use it.

What to choose when making a purchase

When you are purchasing iPhone you have the possibility to buy unlocked set but it is much more expensive than buying a locked one and later have it factory unlocked. Thus you are able to save a lot of money and the best part is that it doesn’t require much effort.  Important thing  to know about the IMEI tool is that it works for all basebands, iOS version and modes. In most of the cases the IMEI number is located   on the box, but if you can not find it there you can check under the battery. The IMEI number is usually 15 or 17 digits.

Unlock iPhone 4S

IMEI Unlock Method

So how do you unlock iPhone 4 or 4S Movistar and select other networks. The first thing to do is select a company which will do the unlocking of your Smartphone. You will be asked to give them some information regarding your Smartphone and after you complete this procedure you are required to wait a bit. After the procedure is complete your phone is set free from the mobile operator that previously it was using. If you do not know whether you are locked to Movistar Spain network you can check it with this iPhone net checker.

If your smartohone is locked to AT&T network you can unlock it for only $29 by clicking here.

If it is locked to Movistar Spain you can click here.

Both of these services are permanent and after you unlock your device you will be able to update to many iOS versions without being afraid that your phone may be locked again.

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