Problem of the battery iOS 6.1.3 - now make problems of WiFi

Problem iOS 6.1.3

Updated iOS 6.1.3 seems to create more problems than it would solve, there are many users that are found in Apple's support forums to complain about the problems encountered.

Released last week , iOS 6.1.3 was designed and released to address a security issue that allowed easy access to the terminal through the lock screen even though we had set a security code. But the update seems to have plagued some users with other problems.

There are several people who post on the support forum Apple, the duration of the battery has dropped sharply.

Another problem encountered with iOS 6.1.3 by some users interested in WiFi connectivity. Several comments in the Apple forums say that there is a bug in iOS 6.1.3 that prevents your WiFi connections is to small. The oppinion between users is very different depending on your experience as some claim that this particular problem was still present in iOS 6.0. While other people say that the problem has been solved with iOS 6.1.2, but is back with 6.1.3. For the lucky ones, the solution to this unpleasant issue came with iOS 6.1.3.

Apple has acknowledged the problem in the past and offers a support page with suggestions for a solution.

You too have encountered this kind of problem? Please write in comment bellow. Thanks

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