Make a Panorama Photos on iPhone 5 from your Camera App

Panorama Photos on iPhone 5

One of the new features introduced in  iOS 6 is  panoramic photos . Entire landscapes or large environments that require the acquisition of more pictures can be taken with a single gesture. But just because this feature is inspired by the scenario in which you want to photograph a landscape, you think that the lighting conditions are good. For this reason, the flash is not available while we carry out shooting in the  Panorama . Let's see how we can enable it.

How to make a Panorama photos on iPhone 5

Panorama Photos

To activate the flash to take pictures at 270 degrees, they need to have done the jailbreak on your device. The application that will allow you to enable the flash, in fact, was published in Cydia under the name of  Flashorama . All you have to do is install the free tweak in question directly from Cydia Store. Automatically, when you want to take a picture in Panorama mode on iPhone 5, will appear at the top left button to enable or disable the flash: if the button is transparent, the flash is turned off, if orange is activated. Probably  Flashorama  make you happy many owners of iOS devices that intend to shoot at 270 degrees, for example during a night out with friends when you are in a semicircle.

This is video How to make all steps for Panorama photos on iPhone 5

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