How to Unlock Vodafone Germany iPhone 4 via IMEI Service

Unlock iPhone 4 Vodafone Germany

Factory Unlock Vodafone Germany iPhone 4 via IMEI Service - The Factory Unlock iPhone is legal procedure for your Device. This is Unlock directly from apple, and this is make permanent for all mobile network via imei service. This is official permanent unlock procedure, using your telephone operator locked (SIMLOCK) your iPhone 4, once unlocked you can use it with any SIM in Germany or abroad.

What you need to Unlock your iPhone 4 Permanent

You must have 15 -digital IMEI code on your iPhone, Plus Telephone Operator of origin eg: Vodafone Germany.  If you don’t know your Carrier Network on iDevice, then click in this link and send you IMEI code to find out Carrier. Check Carrier. But if you know your imei and carrier to unlock your iPhone goo here - Unlock iPhone Vodafone Germany.

How to find your IMEI code

Your IMEI sure you find on Settings> General> info or typing on phone keypad  * # 06 #.  To release with Factory Unlock, the iPhone must be registered and turned up and not blacklist, these info you can have them sent once on IMEI Carrier Check.

How to complete the procedure of Permanent Unlock iPhone

When you receive info that your iPhone is Unlocked, then you're ready for an upgrade with iTunes remember to remove the SIM PIN Vodafone Germany and proceed with this guide:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes with your PC or Mac
  • Insert the SIM unlock in your iPhone (not the source, type: (T-Mobile, Vodafone etc ...) and connect it with the USB cable to your PC or Mac
  • Normally updated your iphone with the latest official firmware that returns iTunes.
  • Wait until iTunes detects the phone (if it is successful iTunes will give you a message that the sim is not recognized sometimes this message does not appear and the release takes place directly in this case, skip steps 5 ).
  • After about 10-20 seconds, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the iPhone.
  • Finally, iTunes will show the final message ' Congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked ' see photo.
Unlock iPhone 4 iTunes

Note: This is the only permanent unlocking solution for iPhones Apple. Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked even with subsequent updates of iOS.X via iTunes.

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