Change iPhone 5 Display theme - Install Sticky Icky Cydia Tweaks

Change iPhone 5 Display

This tweaks is how to change display on your iPhone, for this tweaks must make jailbreak on your Device and install Cydia. This is available on Cydia and change of notifications on iOS. Sticky Icky is a brand new tweak compatible with all Jailboken iPhones that allows you to view constantly notifications on display until we close them . In this way you do not miss the notifications will remain on the display, you to close them through the X button.

But the surprising thing is that in order to avoid notifications occupy much space, the tweak will automatically reduce the size so it does not get in the way of other applications.

Cydia Tweaks iPhone 5

For those interested in this wonderful tweak, you can download it directly from Cydia through the repository BigBoss .

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