The beta of iOS 6.1.1 is not a problem to Jailbreak iOS 6 Evasion

Jailbreak ios 6.1 evasi0n

Apple has released to developers a beta version of iOS 6.1.1, the firmware introduces some improvements on application maps and general function, but nothing of great importance.

This has very dazed hackers and users, who thought that the firmware was released to stop somehow the new jailbreak iOS 6.x Evasion , but after some verification it was found that there were problems in ' execution of the tool.

But the concern among hackers has subsided, it is a small update may arriving other and bring the block execution of the jailbreak , which is why there is great attention to the moves and the small update that the company Cupertino is releasing.

As there are very few new, you should not upgrade to iOS 6.1.1, especially if the primary interest is to run Evasion on your device to unlock it. The team evad3rs however, continues to monitor the situation and keep you informed of further developments.

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