Problems of 3G on the iPhone 4S - iOS 6.1

Problems of 3G

Several users in possession of ' iPhone 4S seem to have had some problems with the 3G after updating iOS 6 to Version 6.1 , last update released by Apple that also supports LTE.

On the support forums carrier Vodafone UK has appeared a message that explains briefly what is happening and the progress of work to solve the problem.

The problems encountered are related to the connection of the network, in particular, we find it difficult to make and receive calls and connect to the Internet, these problems are intermittent and Apple is working to fix the software.

Obviously, waiting for the Cupertino company to resolve the matter, we invite all those who have an iPhone 4S or perform update to iOS 6.1 at least until there is an official announcement stating that everything has been resolved.

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