Jailbreak iOS6 Evasi0n from Evad3rs Dev Team - info

Jailbreak iOS6 Evasi0n

The team Evad3rs , developers of the tool to Jailbreak iOS6 Evasi0n , said today that already have other exploits more powerful to use for the next jailbreak when Apple would correct the bug that made ​​it possible to hack the current system.

On Wednesday, Apple released the 6.1.1 beta of iOS developers, just a few days after the release of Evasi0n the tool to Jailbreak iOS 6. We all thought it was going to correct just the bug exploited by the tool , but this did not happen.

Apparently, however, Evad3rs not worried that Apple will face in the next beta, as the developers of the tools they already have other exploits more powerful, Download Evasi0n 1.2.

From their words, it appears that they found most critical points in the system, but they chose to take advantage of the easiest to fix, to "stay good" other bugs in view of a future update of iOS.

Jailbreak iOS 6

Planetbeing said that, also in the case in which it will not be able to find more bugs, already has at its disposal an exploit more powerful than that used at the moment and therefore the Jailbreak will be ensured already by now.

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