Jailbreak iOS 7 will be more difficult - [Planetbeing]

Jailbreak iOS 7

The well-known hacker Planetbeing part of the team and Evad3rs behind last tool to jailbreak iOS 6.x called evasi0n, took part in a session of questions and answers from the community following the jailbreak and what was done directly from the new team of hackers. Planetbeing spoke about the future of the operating system iOS jailbreak, saying it was convinced that iOS 7 will be a bone much harder to unlock than the current iOS 6.x.

Obviously it's early to say this, but the attacker wanted to give his opinion on whether there will be a jailbreak of iOS 7 .

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 - is difficult

One of the most curious questions concerned the idea of how the hacker sees the future of jailbreaking, in consideration of the time it took to release the tool evasi0n, here is what was stated by Planetbeing :

It 'hard to say. Apple has closed many connection possibilities in iOS 6. In this current jailbreak, we have "escaped" the depths of Apple thanks to a user-space with multiple vulnerabilities, as "lame", since these errors are a throwback to the early days of jailbreaking iOS 7 where we mainly used tricks filesystem. We only attacked security hardened Apple head-on into the kernel. Vulnerabilities "Lame" tend to be difficult to find, so it is likely that the jailbreak next will be even more difficult. That said, we kept a few tricks that may or may not help in the future.

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Last week, we did the math and, based on historical versions, we estimated that it would take the jailbreak community more than six months for the jailbreak of the next version of iOS 7 . There is always the possibility that Apple let an important vulnerability, but with each release, iOS becomes a more difficult nut to crack. I doubt that the jailbreak will one day disappear altogether.

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