Install Siri on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 without jailbreak

Install Siri iPhone 4

Let's talk about Siri, in particular on how to install and use the wizard voice of Apple's iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 without Jailbreak. Do not believe us? Below we explain how to get Siri running on your iOS device without jailbreak. All this is possible thanks to the Installer Tool Siri, let's see how.

Thanks to OpenAppMkt, you can download and use the tool Siri Installer , and then you end up with Siri on your iOS device. The only limit is represented by the questions, the tool will allow you to use the asistente voice to text, and then to use Siri, you should write instead of talking. but now we come to the guide. Install Siri on iPhone 4

Step 1: From your iOS device open Mobile Safari and go to the site , then follow the instructions on the screen vedretea,

Step 2: On your SpringBoard you will see a new icon, one of the Web App, launch it ...

Download Siri

Step 3: Now select a category Top Tap Apps, you can find below, you will find Siri Installer Tool created by AppleHacks Dev, and make a Tap button Free ...

Install Siri

Step 4: After installing the tool, launched Siri Installer and remember to activate the "Use Siri" ....

Step 5: Now install the certificates listed, and then close the Web App OpenAppMkt ...

Step 6: Have you finished on costra Home icon will appear Siri, you just need to use the wizard to Tap Voice in text mode, all of this without having a jailbroken device

This is video how to install siri on iPhone 4 with ios 6.1.1

For some questions please write in comment bellow.

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  1. Can I type in the open app mkt into chrome web browser or other web browsers?


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