How to Install Apps on iPhone - [For Free]

Install iPhone Apps

We like to install apps on our iPhone. This is possible, some apps is available on App Store and iTunes for free. This apps is very good, how facebook apps and more. In this tutorial I will show how to make on your iPhone for free. You can download best iPhone app or purchased if you like. Now in some steps I will present to download apps via iTunes and App Store from Apple.

How to Download apps via iTunes on iPhone

Note: Is need to create iTunes account

Step 1:  First download the latest version on iTunes and install on your computer. Open iTunes and click in iTunes Store. Here you see all apps it is available.

Step 2: Now connect your iPhone with PC via USB cable. Select your iPhone on the sidebar navigation of iTunes.

Step 3:Select the apps on iTunes Store, what you like, and then click the checkbox beside "Sync Apps."

Step 4: Now Click "Sync" and chosen apps will be install in your iPhone.

How to Install apps to iPhone via App Store

Step 1: On your iPhone home screen click in App Store icon. Will be open this app and then choose your apps that you like.

Step 2: Select apps and Download in iPhone.

To download free apps via App Store, you see button "Install" in app store menu. The apps is sell you see button "Buy Now"

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