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It has long been rumored intention of Apple to launch a digital iradio , like  Pandora , which allows users to iOS listen to music they prefer them for free in exchange for advertising or a small annual fee. Eddy Cue should be tour of the offices of record labels , and a set of icons found in iOS 6.1 allows for the first time suggested that Apple could really be about to launch an online radio.

The two files, discovered by iAust1n include a series of eight buttons linked to the symbol of the radio. Many of these contain the word buy, or buy in the English language, and hint that you can purchase music directly from within the application. What is surprising is that the files are contained only in the version for iPad last mobile operating system released by Cupertino.

Info for iRadio icon instaled on iOS 6 with iTunes

Writes iAust1n : "The files are named radio button with an icon that resembles the one used in iTunes for Mac to identify the radio (missing in iTunes 11). The Music app for iPad currently does not have a radio function so our first thought was that Apple wanted to integrate a radio streaming function similar to that available for Mac " . However, are the buttons marked with the words buy to let understand that the software will control and knowledge of what is playing, allowing the purchase of the song you're listening to.Jailbreak iPhone 5

install apple radio

With iTunes , Apple has revolutionized the way music is sold on the network, saving the labels from the nightmare of piracy. After more than ten years , Cupertino tries to take a step back and find a new solution to the music distribution for its users.

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