Hackers are still in possession of exploit to jailbreak

Future Jilbreaks

We are sure that many of you, with the release of Evasi0n, have forgotten the months spent waiting for the jailbreak of iOS September 6 today. Months in which hackers have worked not only to search for new exploits to be used for the jailbreak, but also and above all of dissemination methods that did not violate the rights of Apple. In any case, with Evasi0n jailbreak iOS 6 to materialize. But what about future version of iOS? According to Forbes, the hackers have at their disposal several more tricks up its sleeve.

As reported by Forbes:

The team of hackers called "Evad3rs" said he had gathered all the necessary exploit to jailbreak iOS 6.1 devices with a month before the release of Evasi0n. In this period of time, hackers have chosen to replace exploits more important with those easier to correct for Apple, in such a way as to preserve the vulnerability more powerful for future jailbreak.

Not surprisingly, a few days ago, Planetbeing said to have ruled out one of his exploits from the jailbreak for iOS 6 because it was no longer necessary to Evasi0n and it would be used for future jailbreak of iOS.

jailbreak for iOS 6

"Even if we can make another or two other bugs, we have at least one other that will ensure the jailbreak in a future version of iOS. It is becoming increasingly difficult, but we still have a lot of vulnerabilities to exploit, "said Planetbeing to Andy Greenberg of Forbes. Download Evasi0n 1.2

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