Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 - P0sixninja found solutions - [info]

Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5
Meanwhile, the owner of the current wait iOS models nearly two months on a working jailbreak. For older iOS devices although there is already a tethered jailbreak, but since the iOS devices here can be restarted only in conjunction with a computer, is a so-called untethered jailbreak out yet.
Since then about three weeks diving in the net again and again on various
reports of hackers who have managed reputed to develop such a jailbreak iPhone 5. But unfortunately, many of these messages have subsequently found to be untrue. While there are known thanks to the iPhone Dev Team is now a supposedly functioning jailbreak, but this may due to the protected source code of the masses not initially be made available.

However, this situation seems to be changing, thanks to the hacker known by the pseudonym P0sixninja. The experienced jailbreak developers can indeed has recently announced via his Twitter account that it will take longer for a usable jailbreak there.

How to Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5 for iOS 6

But according to the latest reports P0sixninja has now found a so-called BootRom exploit by him according to information represents a clear step forward successfully. This vulnerability does supposedly only to the current iOS devices such as the iPhone 5, and enables the development of an untethered jailbreak. But although the latest statements arouse the hope that soon such a jailbreak will be available, it could still take several weeks before this final available.
Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak iOS 6
P0sixninja must first complete the found BootRom exploit. Then it requires some extensive testing on the various iOS devices before the jailbreak can be fashioned into a user friendly version. Therefore, that this is very time-consuming tasks, you can currently assume that an untethered jailbreak will appear less likely later this year.
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