Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.0.2 and iPhone 5 apparently present

Jailbreak iPhone 5
Hackers Planet Being claims that on his iPhone 5 (and those of other Jailbreaker) with iOS 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak is one. At the same time the hackers want this but do not make available to the public, so that Apple does not close the gap, exercise over the hackers to jailbreak.

An untethered jailbreak iPhone 5 has been realized already
apparently. But he will not, for several reasons provided for the general public.

Hackers Planet Being commented on Reddit that he on his own iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.2 untethered JB one operates. He explains why this has not yet been published: 1) If you were to tell so the gap on the JB is run, and they could include Apple and the hackers have no longer access to their own devices and could play around with it. 2) iOS 6.1 is on the doorstep, and - this argument has been heard in the past very often - the date for release is therefore unwise, since the system would fill some of the gaps again and the JB may not fully functional is.

Jailbreak yes? No? Maybe?

End of December 2012 began a more or less public debate among hackers about the jailbreak iPhone 5. First i0n1c a nightmare scenario painted on the digital sky: There is probably never a jailbreak for iOS iPhone 6 and enter the fifth He justified this by saying that Apple intend to install in iOS 6.1 further safety nets to the JB.
A short time later there was more optimistic tones of hacker pod2g. This indicated that in the next six months, a jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iOS would be considered the sixth
Now there is loud Planet Being already a working JB, only the users will not get sight of him.

Being Planet claims that jailbreak iPhone 5 is indeed difficult and has become, but the talk of the death of the jailbreak was excessive.

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