iPhone 5: False 6 iOS Untethered Jailbreak spreads on the Internet

Jailbreak iPhone 5
So far, the hacker did, however, quite difficult because there have been repeated problems with the bypass of various safety measures. Now, although some pages 6 and an alleged iOS jailbreak iPhone 5 - but these are fakes.

With the alleged untethered jailbreak, which have appeared recently in
the network that try to scam the impatience and the curiosity of users to exploit. These are, firstly, an alleged Greenp0sion Absinthe website offering the jailbreak as paid download. On the other side redpois0n.net tries to imitate the famous Chronic Dev Team and there is also an alleged jailbreak available for a fee.

Since in both cases, however, in scam websites, you should avoid in any case on a download. As has now been determined that the alleged Jailbreaks be used to collect a variety of user information and send it to the fraudsters. Let it be clear that this is definitely not a real untetered jailbreak, has now also known hacker Musclenerd reported via his Twitter account to speak.
Untetered jailbreak iOS 6
Untetered jailbreak iOS 6
In a recent announcement clarifies Musclenerd that there is currently no official untethered jailbreak available for the iPhone 5 and iOS for the sixth Although the work of a working version going continued to progress well, but when a final version of the jailbreak may be released is not yet known so far. This is where it is because so far, the number of users in any case, as usual available free of charge. Once more information is available on the subject, we will report it again.
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