iOS 6.0.1 Jailbreak for Apple iPad 4 succeeded announced Unlock for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Jailbreak
He used the so-called Failbreak method that is already already come with the iPhone 5 jailbreak for use. So now stands, nearly two weeks after the jailbreak for the iPad Mini, a jailbreak for the iPad in the fourth generation network.

Was made possible by the fact that hacker "chpwn", who had his own
words worked for some time on it. The hacker has now announced via Twitter that he thanks to the so-called Failbreak method could finally finish the jailbreak for the iPhone 4th However, this jailbreak is only for the time being as a kind of developer version.iPhone 5 Jailbreak

This version is therefore not final and should also currently be used only by users who are familiar with the matter. Jailbreak for iPad 4-used "chpwn" a kernel exploit which has made ​​possible to write a iOS6-jailbreak and thereby circumvent the security measures of Apple. Now arises for many users, however, the question of when the jailbreak can be downloaded as a final untethered version.
Jailbreak iPhone 5 tools
Jailbreak iPhone 5
There are yet, either by "chpwn" on other hackers a concrete answer. However, it is likely that the hacker team is already looking further exploit opportunities to create a stable jailbreak version. However, this search could still take several weeks, so that the owner of a 6-iOS device may have to wait until next year. We report on the subject again when more information becomes available.
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