How to Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6/6.0.1 with Slatera1n

iPhone 5 Jailbreak
Known, many owners of iPhone 5 have been waiting for the release of the Apple smartphone in September this year to a untethered jailbreak. But so far it has not yet hackers managed to develop a stable current version. However, this situation could change now.

Reportedly, the hacker's website have discovered a new
vulnerability in the latest iOS version 6.0.1 that could allow it to finally achieve success. Thus Apple had even laid the foundation for an untethered jailbreak.

As Apple has recently made a firmware update to the iOS version 6.0.1, there was known to be some problems with the so-called over-the-air function. Therefore, Apple has developed a special application called iOS update enabler, which should fix it from the outside. However, the programmers had to pry the screen of the system partition, which could only work in which you own the system given root access.

And it is this vulnerability could now ensure that soon a untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 might be available. The hackers are already even so sure that on the famous jailbreak website recently the 12th December this year has been set as the date of publication. There is to read, that whilst the current jailbreak, but already tested the iOS 6.2 beta. If this information is confirmed, a final jailbreak could be released even later this year.

How to Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5

However, one should not rejoice too soon. In addition to the colleagues of the online magazine Giga portals have been few reports on this untethered jailbreak. On top of that currently do not really know much about the hackers behind is. Therefore, it is advisable to jailbreak iPhone 5, this should actually on 12 Be published in December, for the time being not to download. It can not hurt to wait for feedback from the jailbreak community. As soon as further information, we will again report on the subject.
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