How to Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 with Absinthe - [iPhone 4S / 4]

Jailbreak iOS 6 Absinthe
This type of jailbreak allows an independent system boot the iOS device and requires no additional software. Thanks to the iOS hackers can now also A5-based Apple devices are exempt from the annoying restrictions on use.

First things: Unlike the so-called tethered jailbreak, where the
modification is automatically canceled if you restarts the iOS device, bypassing the user that fact with the untethered jailbreak Absinthe 2.0. Furthermore it should be noted that this jailbreak, through the apps you can install from other sources than the Apple Store, is perfectly legal. The following step-by-step guide showing how it works. And although the jailbreak Absinthe is relatively easy to perform 2.0, be said that each user install the jailbreak at your own risk.

Jailbreak iOS 6 with Absinthe - Step by Step

Step 1: The most important step is to backup the data on your iOS device to jailbreak. This I connected the device to your computer and start iTunes. Here, make sure that you disable automatic updates in iTunes, because Apple could implement an anti-jailbreak code in one of the future updates that makes the jailbreak undone.
Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak iOS 6
Step 2: In addition, you should keep iTunes updatet the iOS device automatically, as in the recent past so most Jailbreaks were reversed. Now click with the right mouse button on the device connected via USB connection iOS device, and select the menu item "Back Up" from.

Step 3: The next step is to delete the "Settings> General> Reset> Erase all content and settings" everything on the desired iOS device that you just saved.

Step 4: Now invites you to the jailbreak Absinthe 2.0 down from the Dev-Team's website Greenpois0n for your operating system, and open the application while the device is connected via USB to the computer remains.

Step 5: Before you start the installation, you should ensure that the jailbreak to iOS device is properly recognized. If so, then just click on "Jailbreak". Since this process may take several minutes to complete, you should be patient and not get nervous.

Step 6: After successful completion of the jailbreak, you can close the application Absinthe 2.0 and open iTunes. Right clicking on the iOS device, choose "Restore from Backup", and is already successfully completed the jailbreak.
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