How to Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 5 can still waiting for

Jailbreak iPhone 5
But so far all attempts have failed to crack the new operating system. Therefore it is natural to question what the problem currently. The answer can be Mathew J. Schwartz, a noted author of the online magazine InformationWeek. In his article, it provides the same six reasons why it does not create the Hacker News, iOS jailbreak 6th First
of iOS 6 is one of the most complex and advanced mobile operating systems on the market.

According to the testimony of Schwartz Apple has effectively eliminated all known vulnerabilities, so that hackers have to deal with a completely new matter. Furthermore need a jailbreak time. It should be remembered that it took about ten months before the hackers were able to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Likewise, Apple uses the A6 processor, a completely new CPU for the iPhone 5.

This, of course, the hackers have no experience, and must therefore be incorporated only in the topic. Another issue are the patches. Since Apple iOS 6 is supplied repeatedly with small updates, the hacker must also constantly reorient. Likewise currently questionable whether Cydia, the famous Apple Store clone, is must also be reviewed.
Jailbreak ios 6
Jailbreak ios 6
Because of the new system structure of iOS 6, it could be that Cydia refuses to work. Should this really be a revision necessary, could also further delay the jailbreak. To completion are Mathew J. Schwartz points out that hackers too are only human and not 24 hours a day to work on a jailbreak for iOS 6th It remains to be seen just for the time being, when is jailbreak iPhone 5 does indeed.
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