How to Jailbreak iOS 6 - Unlock iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S via imei

Jailbreak iPhone 5
Joshua Hill, a Chronic Dev Team employees tweeting, means that the new security issues that Apple introduced in the current iOS system, are very difficult to handle. But more is needed, the Dream Team JB-making apparently no thought. The team reported that the iOS 6 or 6.01 jailbreak iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad is coming on December
22. However, it seems like to be a marketing gimmick.

The Dream Team JB chose this date because the calculations of the Mayan world on Dec 22, no longer exists, and therefore refers to a report of the "International Design Times". If it is not, then will enjoy millions of Apple fans about to crack their Apple devices with the jailbreak update.

The team has set up a website to announce their news about their success and has many websites, such as the "International Design Times" and "Jailbreak Daily" informed.
The Dream Team JB thus exerts enormous pressure on the Chronic Dev Team, as they always specify that they do not work with the Chronic Dev Team on jailbreak update.

Jailbreak iOS 6 via Dev Team - Info

The Dream Team JB is pretty confident that they finally have a fix what Apple users are longing for the purchase of their smartphones. Many developers had already indicated in the Vergangeneheit to have programmed a jailbreak iPhone 5, which have been found, however later as a fake. Some examples include Absinthe/Greenpois0n, Dreamboard, iDreamBoard, and
Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak iOS 6
Rogue websites require some more than $ 600 for an alleged jailbreak the iPhone 5 What is not mentioned in an gejailbreakten smartphones is no longer possible to get into mobile phone shops help. Many developers have doubts that a non-dev team can ever develop a working jailbreak iPhone 5.

"It's pretty disappointing to see how selfish the Apple user community has become. To say that it is impossible for a non-developer of the Dev-Team to develop a jailbreak is "pretty ridiculous, shared Dream JB said in a statement. To everyone else, the release is scheduled for December 22, and is moved by no means. "
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